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More than an English school

Welcome to Sprachcaffe Malta Campus, where learning English meets adventure! Our language school in Malta offers a fun, inspiring, and unforgettable experience while improving your English skills.

Our campus is not just a language school, it is a community of like-minded people from all over the world who come together to learn, grow, and have fun. Our comfortable holiday apartments, refreshing pool, and delicious dinners create a welcoming environment where you'll feel right at home. The campus offers a wide range of English courses to suit every type of learner and level, from Standard and Intensive courses to Business English, Exam Preparation, and Youth Programs, all taught by experienced and qualified teachers. The school provides a variety of accommodation options that can fit every budget and personal preference, ranging from shared apartments to private rooms, making it the perfect home away from home during your stay.

When not in class, students can explore the island and participate in a wide range of activities, from cultural excursions to beach trips, organized by the school's leisure coordinators. The coordinators also provide valuable tips and insider knowledge on how to discover the Maltese islands if students prefer to explore on their own. Join our community of international students and discover all that Malta has to offer. Learn more about our language school in Malta today!

Discover what Sprachcaffe Malta has to offer you!

Why Sprachcaffe Malta?

โœ“ Unique and breath-taking Campus.

โœ“ All amenities in one campus location.

โœ“ Interactive, fun and effective teaching methods.

โœ“ We offer a wide range of activities all over the island.

โœ“ More than 40 years of experience in language teaching.

โœ“ Swimming pool, bar and restaurant, apartments, garden and volleyball court on sight.

โœ“ With us you will have the time of your live and make new friends from all over the world.

Our vision

is a world where languages bring people together

Through our international network of language centres, we shall provide our students with high-quality language tuition and ancillary services, promote international understanding and cross-cultural communication and, where appropriate, give instruction to enable students to successfully sit for recognized EFL examinations.

The Sprachcaffe Campus in Malta is situated in the peaceful village of Pembroke, close to St. Julians and the sea, and 5 minutes by walk from Paceville, the center of the city's nightlife. Our campus is situated in a number of majestic structures that are each works of art in architecture. The two-story structures are undeniably colonial and were constructed by the British soldiers more in 1904.

Our famous swimming pool is Olympic size and is extremely popular in the warmer 9 months on the maltese island. Apart from the classrooms, apartments and the pool, on our campus you will find a lounge bar & restaurant and games room, video room, study room, library and leisure facilities including a volleyball court and a beautiful, well-kept garden. If you are a digital nomad or want to work in a very inspiring place for a limited time, this is the place for you. On campus you will find a wonderful coliving and coworking project.

English courses at Sprachcaffe

Intensive courses

You don't have much time and want to make fast progress? Then attend our intensive courses with several lessons per day. In this way you are fully immersed in the foreign language and effectively develop your skills. In the end you will receive the Sprachcaffe certificate.

Private lessons

Are you looking for a language course that is 100% tailored to your needs? Then we are your contact person, and we will find the right language trainer for you. Would you like to learn with a friend? Groups of two are also no problem.

English certificates

Prepare for one of the important language certificates with Sprachcaffe Malta. Here you can participate in preparation courses for the Cambridge Certificate, TOEFL, or IELTS test. At the end of each language course, you will receive the sprachcaffe certificate, in which we document your current level.

Of course, there are many more types of English courses, depending on your needs and desired intensity.

In this particular interview, we spoke with Helene from Brazil who spent 2 weeks at our Malta St. Julian's center and was so impressed by her experience that she decided to return in the summer.Helene shares her favorite moments and highlights the unique language and cultural immersion opportunities that Sprachcaffe provides.

For more inspiring testimonial videos from our satisfied students, be sure to visit our YouTube channel and see for yourself the transformative experiences that we offer.

We are thrilled to share a heartfelt testimonial from one of our satisfied students about their experience at our school. Their words serve as a testament to the quality of education and supportive community that we strive to provide every day.

In this testimonial video, Emre, a language enthusiast from Turkey, shared his experience with us. He spent a total of 14 weeks at Sprachcaffe Malta St. Julian's, including 10 weeks this summer and 2 months last year. As he describes his experience, he emphasizes the exceptional opportunities for language acquisition, cultural immersion, and the priceless memories he made while there.

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