Standard Course in Malta

The Standard English course in Malta is the most popular and most frequently booked course. It offers students the perfect balance between language training and leisure time. Normally students spend 3 hours a day studying and have the rest of the day to enjoy themselves. An integrated skills approach helps students to develop fluency in speaking, listening, reading and writing and the teachers ensure that the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation components are applied to actual language use.

We use the most up-to-date and interactive teaching techniques and material that help students quickly improve their English. Although our Standard English courses follow a set curriculum, our teachers identify their students' learning needs and objectives on the first day of the course and throughout their stay, and adapt the lessons accordingly. In this way, our students are motivated to keep improving, while also having a good time.

Standard Course Goals
  • Develop speaking, listening, reading and writing competencies
  • Improve English grammar and vocabulary
  • Apply theoritical knowledge in practice
  • This course is designed so students have the rest of the day for leisure!

Course information for the standard course

Start day every Monday
Duration 180 mins. per day
Time 9am-12:15pm
Days Monday - Friday
Levels A0,A1,A2,B1,B2,C1.
Min. age 18 for adults | under 18 see junior program
20 lessons 15h per week
Max. Capacity 10 students per batch


Our standard course schedule is convenient, with study sessions set for the morning. This way, students can enjoy free time in the afternoons for their own activities and exploring the area. Each day, we provide three lessons, each lasting one hour, making a total of 15 hours of study time weekly (20 lessons in all). This plan gives everyone a balanced experience, mixing learning and fun during their stay.

Course material for the standard course

Dive into learning with our essential course book, 'English File Third Edition.' This book makes studying exciting by using real-life situations. It has fun reading and listening sections and tough activities. What's cool is that you can check how much you're improving because there are tests now and then.

The way the book is made, you'll need about 16 weeks, or almost 4 months, to finish a level. That's if you go through everything it offers. Then, you move up to the next level! But remember, it's important to join at least 80% of your classes to keep up.

When you get to school, you need to buy your course book. But here's something helpful: if you're staying shorter than 4 weeks, you can give the book back and get some of your money returned. So, no worries if your stay is a quick one! This approach keeps your learning on track and interactive, making sure you're always engaged and moving forward in your English journey.

Recommended duration of the language course

Check out this guide to understand how long it might take to improve your English skills! This is focused on our fast-track course with 30 lessons each week. Remember, everyone learns at their own pace, and things like your age, how good you are at picking up languages, and your experience can change how fast you move forward. Also, in this chart, we're calling complete beginners "A0." This will help you plan your learning journey! The beginner level is referred to as A0 in this overview. Here you find more information on the Placement Test, English Levels and Progression.

The Sprachcaffe Certificate

At the end of your English language course, you'll get a certificate from Sprachcaffe. This shows your improved English skills. The certificate is based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), making it recognized worldwide. It's great proof of your language journey's success!

Specialized Workshops as an Extension to Your Standard Course

Enhance Your English Learning Journey

Complement your standard English course with our tailored Specialized Workshops, designed to align with your unique interests and professional aspirations. While our intensive course offers a broad and comprehensive approach to English learning, these workshops provide an opportunity to immerse deeper into specific areas of expertise. Expand your standard course with 10 additional lessons per week, each focused on a distinct topic.

Check in for a trip through Business Language, where the nuances of corporate communication become clear. Hone your Communication Skills for a global edge. Navigate the intricacies of the job market with our Job Application and Interview workshop. Dive into the dynamic world of Sales and Marketing to boost your persuasive abilities. Learn the art of deal-making in our Business Negotiations workshop. Elevate your public persona with advanced Public Speaking and Presentation techniques. Or, explore the creative depths of English Drama for a unique linguistic experience.

These workshops are the perfect extension to your standard course, offering specialization in areas that most align with your interests and career goals. They are designed not just to enhance your English proficiency, but to equip you with skills relevant to your field. To deepen your learning and ensure that you leave not only fluent, but also proficient in the specific language skills that matter most in your professional and personal life, choose these:

workshops for English in areas of special interest