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In the Surrounding Area and on the Island of Malta

Navigate Malta effortlessly from Sprachcaffe English Language School! Embrace the island's accessible public transport, connections in the immediate vicinity of the Sprachcaffe Campus linking you to vibrant locales and hidden sights. Start your linguistic journey with ease, connected to Malta's heartbeats. Adventure awaits beyond the classroom!

Getting Around Malta by Public Transport

Dive into adventure: Malta awaits your discovery, where learning goes beyond the classroom! Whether you're venturing to the historic sights of Valletta, the stunning beaches of Gozo, or the vibrant nightlife in St. Julian's, Malta's comprehensive public transport will be your trusted companion.

Effortless Travel with Malta's Modern Buses

Forget the hassle of renting a car; embrace the freedom that comes with Malta's extensive bus network. Covering every nook and cranny of the islands, these buses connect our language school to an array of picturesque locations, traditional villages, and bustling towns. With a service that runs from the early morning light until the whisper of midnight, your exploration is limitless.

Pro Tip: Keep spare change handy for onboard tickets, or opt for the convenient tallinja card, a one-stop solution for hassle-free travel. With special cards for short stays, you can roam the islands without denting your budget!

Explore the Archipelago by Ferry or Boat

What's island life without a sea voyage? Regular ferry and boat services add charm to your travel tales, connecting Malta and Gozo, and offering scenic rides within the Grand Harbour of Valetta. It's more than a commute; it's an experience - the wind in your hair, the salt on your skin, and 360-degree ocean views.

Safe & Reliable Taxis and Ride-Sharing

For those after-dark adventures or when you're short on time, taxis are at your service. Quick, safe, and regulated, they're perfect for direct journeys, especially after a long day of exploring or a night of entertainment. There are also ride-sharing services in Malta, such as Bolt and Uber, which are slightly cheaper than the government-controlled taxi services.

Cycle or Stroll Through History

Feeling active? Rent a bike or simply travel on foot! Certain tourist-friendly areas provide rental stations, allowing you the freedom to explore hidden gems at your own pace. Discover the old-world charm of cities like Mdina, or the bustling streets of our capital, Valletta.

Public Transport in the Vicinity of Sprachcaffe

Young explorers, welcome! Start your Maltese adventure from Pembroke Park & Ride, the bus station next to Sprachcaffe Campus, the perfect base for all Malta's must-sees. Whether you're after history, nightlife or picturesque nature, the island's efficient bus system has you covered. Here's a taste of where you can go from Pembroke Park & Ride:

Valletta - The Fortress Capital City

A bus ride away lies the stunning capital of Malta, Valletta. Brimming with history, art, and vibrant cafés, it's a UNESCO World Heritage site that's not to be missed. Walk the storied streets, visit the illustrious St. John's Co-Cathedral, and don't forget to catch an Instagram-worthy sunset by the iconic Barrakka Gardens. Bus number 13 will take you to Valetta in comfort. During the 40-minute ride along the coast, you can get a good impression of the Maltese city and, of course, enjoy the view of the sea. There is also a fast connection via the motorway with the TD 13 bus.

St. Julian's - Your Entertainment Hub

Want to go out and party? St Julian's is the place to be! Just a short bus ride from Pembroke, this area is famous for its vibrant nightlife. Dance the night away in a club, dine by the sea. By day, lounge on the beautiful beach or indulge in water sports. Bus lines 16, 13, 222, 225 and TD13 take you to St. Julians in about 4 minutes.

Sliema - Shopper’s Paradise and Ferry Points

For fashionistas and shopping enthusiasts, Sliema offers an array of shops, malls, and unique local boutiques. Beyond shopping, you can enjoy the exquisite dining spots along the promenade or catch a ferry to Valletta for a different kind of adventure. Bus lines 16, 13, 222 and 225 take you to Sliema in about 15 minutes.

Mdina - The Silent City

Step back in time with a trip to Mdina, Malta's ancient walled city. Revel in the city's noble history, explore the charming narrow lanes, and treat yourself to a slice of the famed chocolate cake at Fontanella Tea Garden, offering panoramic views of the island. Bus 202 takes you to Mdina in about 45 minutes.

Mellieħa - Beach Bliss

Sunseeker? Catch a bus to Mellieħa and bask in the sun on some of Malta's most popular beaches. Whether you're up for an active day with water sports or a chill afternoon building sandcastles, Mellieħa Bay has something for every beach lover. Bus 222 in the direction of Etna will take you to Mellieħa in about 45 minutes.

Ħad-Dingli - Cliffs and Countryside

For a taste of Malta's natural beauty, venture out to the Dingli Cliffs. Experience breathtaking sea views and scenic walks, perfect for relaxation after intensive sightseeing days. Don't forget to check out the nearby traditional villages for a dose of local culture! You can get to Dingli in about an hour by taking bus line td13 towards Valetta and then bus line 52 towards Ebejer.

Ferry to Gozo - discover the neighbouring island

From Pembroke Park & Ride 2 you can take the X1 bus to Cirkewwa to catch the ferry to Gozo. The journey takes approximately 3/4 of an hour. Visiting Gozo, you'll discover a tranquil island paradise brimming with pristine beaches, mystical temples, and breathtaking landscapes, offering a serene contrast to the bustling Maltese mainland.

Convenient Travel Tips

  • Grab your tallinja app for hassle-free travel. It's not only cost-efficient but also ideal for unrestricted bus hopping.
  • Malta might be small, but plan your journey! Consider travel time, especially during peak hours, to make the most out of your day. Check routes and timetables of buses in Malta.
  • Stay connected with free Wi-Fi at major bus terminals, including Pembroke Park & Ride.

With Pembroke Park & Ride as your base, getting started exploring Malta is child's play. Just hop on the bus and you're off on an unforgettable adventure. Ready to explore? Malta awaits you!

Remember, adventure waits for no one, and with Malta's public transport, your journey needn't wait either. So, book your English language course today, pack your bags, and join us for an unforgettable journey of learning and discovery in the heart of Malta.

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