English Teacher's training programme

Welcome to a transformative experience with our Teaching Methodologies Course, specifically crafted for active educators eager to delve into the complexities and dynamics of advanced teaching strategies. This comprehensive course covers an expansive spectrum of topics, ensuring a holistic understanding of various teaching methods and strategies. From the nuances of communicative methodologies to the freshness of emergent language teaching and holistic approaches, every aspect is designed to enhance your capabilities as an English language educator.

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Key Benefits

  • Dive deep into advanced teaching strategies
  • Enrich your teaching toolbox
  • Experience real-class dynamics
  • Get continuous support and feedback
Interactive Learning

Participants actively participate in the learning process and apply their new knowledge in practical exercises.

Customized Training

Tailored training to meet each teacher's needs and goals, ensuring relevance to their teaching context and style.

Experienced Trainers

Experienced trainers provide personalized guidance and support, drawing on a wealth of teaching expertise.


Flexible training to fit busy schedules and customizable for those interested in advanced teaching strategies.

Course information

Dates 2024

Malta / English
12th - 23rd February
6th - 17th May
9th - 20th September
4th - 15th November

Frankfurt / English
4th - 15th March
20th - 31st May
7th - 18th October
2nd - 14th December

Frankfurt / German
12th - 23rd February
6th - 17th May
9th - 20th September
4th - 15th November

Malaga / Spanish
11th - 22nd March
13th - 24th May
16th - 27th September
18th - 29th November

Monday to Friday
Session 1: 09:00 until 10.30
Session 2: 10:45 until 12:15
Session 3: 13:00 until 14:30
Participants:5 - 7 maximum
2 weeks, 30 lessons per week (60 lessons in total) including:
โ€ข 9 lessons of peer observation with real language learners
โ€ข 3 lessons of assessed teaching practice (in three slots of 45 min)
with real language learners
โ€ข 3 lessons of guided observations with experienced teachers

โ€ข Teachers in training or in the teaching profession or
โ€ข Teachers with some teaching experience

Available Locations : Malta, Frankfurt, Malaga

Enrich Your Teaching Toolbox

Beyond theory, the course is a treasure trove of practical teaching techniques, brimming with tips and tools designed to be immediate assets in your English teaching strategies. The aim is to arm you with innovative methods and diverse practices that cater to different learning styles, ultimately promoting effective language teaching. This journey will leave you inspired, invigorated, and ready to tackle various educational challenges with confidence and creativity.

Experience Real-Class Dynamics

What sets our course apart is the invaluable 'teaching practice' element. It's one thing to learn new strategies, but applying them in real classroom scenarios? That's where the true learning happens. This hands-on approach allows you to transition from theory to practice seamlessly, implementing the freshly acquired teaching strategies in actual language classes. It's a safe, supportive environment where you can experiment, engage, and educate, all while receiving constructive feedback.

Observation and Inspiration

Additionally, the course provides unique opportunities to observe and learn from some of the most experienced teachers at Sprachcaffe. These sessions serve as a source of inspiration and a practical guide to refining your teaching methods and strategies. Witnessing these educators in action allows you to explore new perspectives and adopt innovative techniques, particularly focusing on those that resonate with your personal teaching style.

Continuous Support and Feedback

Throughout your journey, continuous feedback is a key component of your development. Your trainer will be there every step of the way, offering insights, guidance, and encouragement to ensure your evolution as an educator. This interaction is not just about correction but growth, fostering a space where you can ask questions, reflect on your methods, and make informed decisions on your teaching practices.

Overall Assessment Criteria

Section One

Developing Teaching Practice

During the teacher training program, participants will have the opportunity to engage in teaching practice, which includes a 30-minute slot with real learners followed by two separate 45-minute teaching slots with real learners. Additionally, the last 45 minutes of the input session on Day 3 from 13:45-14:30 will be dedicated to guiding course participants in lesson planning and preparation, enabling them to implement their newly acquired skills and knowledge in practice.

Section Two

Written Assignment

Trainees must write a daily reflective diary from the start, covering theoretical and practical elements and how to apply advanced teaching strategies in their teaching practice. They will receive guidance on organizing and refining their reflections, including what they learned from observing teachers and peers, and action points for future sessions. The final portfolio should summarize their reflections and include action plans for further development.

Join Us for a Journey of Professional Growth

Don't miss this chance to evolve as an educator, to refine your skills, and to embrace new, effective language teaching strategies. Enroll in our Teaching Methodologies Course today and step into a world of educational empowerment and success. Let this experience be the catalyst for change in your teaching career!

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