Private One-on-One and Semi-Private Tuition in Malta

Private English lessons are the quickest and most intensive way to learn or to improve your English skills. Our English language school isn't just a place of learning; it's a destination in itself. Set in a stunning and serene location, Sprachcaffe has curated an environment that makes it a pleasure to spend time here. Unlike other schools, our picturesque setting adds to the joy of learning, making each lesson something to look forward to.

Participant-driven lessons for targeted learning: The structure of our private English lessons is largely influenced by you, the learner. Our experienced private teachers, after conducting an initial placement test and interview, craft personalized English courses that focus on your specific goals. Whether preparing for a lecture, an interview, or delving into specialized jargon like medical or legal terms, our instruction is purpose-driven and tailored to your needs.

Begin your private English tuition in Malta, where focused, expert-led English lessons are complemented by the opportunity to meet like-minded travellers, fostering both personal growth and unforgettable experiences in a stunning Mediterranean setting that promises education, connection, and a wonderful time.

Private Tuition Features

  • Individual attention and full focus
  • Concentration on special topics and problem areas
  • Customized course structure and timetable
  • Private Course material available
  • Complete attention from an experienced private teacher
  • A stress free environment and beautiful setting
  • Meet like-minded people to create an unforgettable experience

Course information for the Private lessons

Start day every Monday
Lessons 2, 4 or 6 lessons per day
Duration 45 mins. per lesson
Min. age 18 for adults
Levels Basic, Intermediate, Advanced
Class size 1 student (semi-private 2 students)

Flexible Scheduling at Our Picturesque English Language School

At Sprachcaffe, we understand that your time is valuable. That's why our private English tuition in Malta offers a flexible timetable tailored to fit your schedule. Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, we adjust our teaching hours to suit your routine, ensuring that your learning experience is as convenient as it is enriching.

Tailored Course Material for Private English Tuition

At our private English tuition center in Malta, we believe in a personalized learning experience. Our course material is not one-size-fits-all; it's customized to meet your unique needs and goals. Whether you're preparing for a specific business situation or looking to explore personal interests in depth, our approach is flexible and accommodating.

Adapting to Your Specific Requirements: We understand that each student has different learning objectives. That's why you book a private teacher, our course material is dynamically adjusted according to your individual needs. If you have specific materials or topics you wish to focus on, such as business English, technical jargon, or even cultural nuances, our tutors are more than happy to integrate these into your learning plan.

Your Material, Your Pace: If you have your own material that you'd like to use, such as business reports, technical manuals, or literature, we encourage you to bring them. Our experienced private tutors can tailor the lessons around these materials, ensuring that you are learning English in a context that's relevant and engaging for you.

Join us for an empowering and personalized English learning journey in Malta, where your goals and interests shape the course of your education. Let's make your English learning experience not just effective, but also truly enjoyable and relevant to your personal and professional aspirations.

Please inform us in advance if your learning objectives are highly specialized, as this may require additional resources and could slightly increase the costs compared to our standard individual English lessons. Rest assured, our focus is on providing an learning experience that is as effective as it is enjoyable, honed to your personal and professional aspirations.

Our Certificate

Every participant receives a certificate at the end of the language course. You can use this to prove your newly-acquired English language skills.
The Sprachcaffe certificate always refers to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). There you will find all the information necessary for international comparability.

Recommended Duration Of The Language Course

Use the table below to find out the recommended course-length to achieve your desired language skills. Please note that this table is based on our intensive course of 30 lessons per week. Results may vary based on personal ability, age and previous language experience. If you are unsure about what course to choose, get in contact with us. The beginner level is referred to as A0 in this overview.

Current level & goals: A0 A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2  
Optimise conversation: Ideal if you want to learn to speak clearly and answer simple questions. 4 2 - - - - - Recommended course duration (weeks)
Enrich basic knowledge: The qualification to understand contexts better and make targeted statements. 6 4 2 - - - - Recommended course duration (weeks)
Expand progress: Become proficient in presenting facts in multiple ways, work with native speakers and understand newspaper articles. 12 6 4 2 - - - Recommended course duration (weeks)
Increase confidence: You can conduct complicated negotiations and incorporate your language skills into reports and presentations. 24 12 6 4 2 - - Recommended course duration (weeks)
Strengthen solidity: Increase your confidence even further. Follow conversations naturally and write reports effortlessly. 48 24 12 6 4 2 - Recommended course duration (weeks)
Achieve perfection: Refine your style, learn to discuss, and negotiate at native level. 48 24 12 6 4 2 Recommended course duration (weeks)