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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to the questions we are most frequently asked. If your question is not answered, please do not hesitate to contact us.

General frequently asked questions

You are welcome to register with us by phone or email. But the easiest way is to fill out our registration form, and you will receive immediate feedback from us.

Here is the registration form

Whether you need a visa to study English in Malta depends on your nationality and the duration of your stay. Here's a general overview updated in January 2023:

  1. EU/EEA/Swiss Nationals: Citizens of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland do not need a visa to enter Malta for any purpose, including studying. However, if you plan to stay for more than 90 days, you may need to register with the local authorities and obtain a residence permit.

  2. Non-EU/EEA/Swiss Nationals:

    • Short Stays (up to 90 days): If you're from a country visa that does not need a visa for short stays in the Schengen Area, you won't need a visa for a short course. However, if your country is not visa-exempt for short stays in the Schengen Area, you'll need to apply for a Schengen visa.
    • Long Stays (more than 90 days): If you intend to study in Malta for more than 90 days, you'll generally need to apply for a national long-stay visa, regardless of your country of origin.

Please note that visa policies and requirements can change. It's essential to consult the official website of the Maltese government or contact the Maltese consulate or embassy in your country for the most up-to-date information. We can provide you with a letter of acceptance for a small fee, which you can then use to apply for a visa. Here you will find detailed information on the application and extension procedures for visas to Malta and the documents required.

The English school is certified by FELTOM and is inspected regularly. FELTOM is Malta's Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations.

Yes, at the end of your language stay you will receive the Sprachcaffe certificate. It confirms the level of English you have reached during your stay, your regular attendance and the number of lessons you have attended.

Of course, we also have a supervised programme for teenagers. We organise activities and excursions by experienced teamers after class, and 1-2 full-day excursions take place at the weekend. Here you can find more information on the programme for young learners.

If you have booked a transfer, you will be picked up at the airport and brought to our campus. We will then show you to your appartment or take you to your host family.

On Monday, the first day of class, you will be asked to take a placement test if you have not already taken it online before your trip. You will then be placed in an appropriate study group by our experienced academic staff and classes can begin. Here you find more information on Placement Test, Levels and Progression.

On Sunday evening, there is a Wellcome party, where you can connect and make plans for the coming weeks.

Absolutely, Sprachcaffe also organizes courses aimed at preparing students for exams leading to an official English certificate, such as the Cambridge Certificate or IELTS. Towards the course's conclusion, you'll have the opportunity to take the exam at an official test centre. Here you can find more details on preparing for an English certificate. Additionally, Erasmus+ offers funding optionsfor those looking to prepare for an English certificate, providing an invaluable resource to support your learning journey.

Upon completing your language course, you will receive a Sprachcaffe certificate, which officially acknowledges the level of proficiency you have achieved by the end of your studies.

The english school is open throughout the year. You can also drop in at short notice and join an existing study group.

It is not necessary to register weeks in advance. But early registration increases the chance that you will get a place. Especially in the popular travel months, the available places are of course limited.

Yes, the school is open all year round. It closes on a few public holidays, but during this time you can still stay on campus, use the Bar and Restaurant and stay in your accommodation. This is especially important for those who are staying with us over Christmas :-)

Malta enjoys a well-earned reputation for its health standards. Medical facilities are available through the regional health centres and a general hospital. EU nationals should bring their E-111 card to access emergency medical attention for free. We suggest you to buy bottled water instead of drinking the tap water in Malta. Milk is pasteurised and available daily in cartons and bottles. All dairy products are safe for consumption.

Yes, reception is open 24/7 and you will always find someone to talk to. Together with your travel documents, you will also receive a telephone number where you can always reach a member of staff.

As part of our programme for minors, trained supervisors are of course available to you around the clock.

In addition, our academic staff is of course available to you for specialist matters.

Frequently asked questions about the english language school

Experienced academic teaching staff match students with each other based on the results of the online placement test or the on-site test to create appropriate study groups.

Our classrooms are all located on the Sprachcaffe Campus. They are designed for 5 to 15 students and are kept simple to focus on the application of the English language. All classrooms are fully air-conditioned so that you can concentrate on your lessons in summer as well as in the colder winter months.

In suitable weather, lessons can also be held outdoors in our spacious inner patio or garden.

We have a really cosmopolitan atmosphere. Our English students actually come from all over the world, from many Latin American countries to many European and Asian countries. Of course, depending on the season, the origin of the students can vary.

Classes can take place at different times depending on the type of course booked. But usually it starts at 9am and ends between 12:30pm and 3pm. In between there are breaks where you can get a snack at the bar, relax by the pool, have lunch in the restaurant or retire to your apartment.

The English school is located on the Sprachcaffe campus. Here you will find amenities that go far beyond those usually found in English schools in Malta. The campus combines accommodation, classrooms, media and recreation rooms, a bar and restaurant, a large pool and much more in a single facility. This creates an ideal atmosphere for a unique and memorable stay.

Yes, there are regular English courses for special needs. You will take a standard course that corresponds to your level and, after the lunch break, a course that has been specially adapted to your needs by the academic director. Here you can find more information about the business english courses.

You only need a pen and we need your presence :-). You don't need to prepare for the lesson.

It will certainly help if you have a dictionary and a vocabulary book with you. You can borrow teaching materials or buy them for a small fee.

From the airport you can take bus X1 and get off at Pembroke Park and Ride. The bus runs until approx. 22:50. Alternatively, you can take a taxi at the airport for about โ‚ฌ20.00. If you are travelling in a group, we can of course organise a transfer for you.

Access to the campus and your appartment is via a reception which is staffed around the clock. This is also where you pick up your keys to your Apartment.

If you arrive before 3 pm, you can of course already use the campus amenities such as the pool, bar and restaurant. While you wait for your room to be ready. Should it be necessary to store your luggage upon arrival or departure, this is of course always possible.

We pick up you up where you stand right now. We offer English courses for all levels, from absolute beginners with no previous knowledge to professionals who would like to fine-tune the details. But it certainly helps with the experience if you have already dealt with the English language at least a little beforehand.

Yes, there is a study room in which silence is mandatory. But you can also retreat to the garden or your appartment to study. If you like it a bit livelier, you can of course sit by the pool or in the bar to do your homework.

Frequently asked questions about the accomodation

You can choose from many different types of accommodation. Whether you are looking for a host family, a room in an apartment or a studio, we have the right offer for you. If you book your accommodation directly with us, the advantage is that you will be living with other participants and can fully immerse yourself in the Sprachcaffe experience. Click here for more information about the Sprachcaffe student accommodation in malta.

It is not mandatory to book accommodation with us. If you already have accommodation or are staying with friends or relatives, you can of course still take part in an English course.

But it helps to stay with other participants and enjoy the full Sprachcaffe experience. Living together with other like-minded people offers added value that you will benefit from for a long time.

All our appartments are equipped so that you can easily take care of yourself. There are several supermarkets nearby to do your shopping.

If you stay with a host family, you will of course receive meals there.

The bar and restaurant on campus is open daily and offers all meals to take away. You can have breakfast, a snack between meals, a drink, lunch or dinner. You can also find several restaurants in the neighbourhood.

Frequently asked questions about leisure

No, you can decide spontaneously on the spot which activities you would like to take part in. For participants in our programme for teenagers, there are various leisure packages that may be booked in advance.

Our leisure coordinator keeps in close contact with our students and makes suggestions for excursions and activities every week. You can then register with him.

For participants in our youth programme, there is a fixed calendar of activities. Participation in activities that take place outside our camp is compulsory.

Of course, students can also arrange to meet each other and pursue their interests :-)

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