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English Classes in Malta

Language and Adventure for Juniors and Teenagers

At Sprachcaffe Malta, we offer a dynamic Junior Programme that perfectly combines the excitement of holidays with the benefits of effective English courses. Our program is specifically tailored to captivate young minds and encourage lingual development. Students enhance their English skills in the picturesque setting of the Sprachcaffe English Language School, which is both academic and stimulating.

Key benefits of Sprachcaffe English classes for young learners:

  • Immersive English classes: Our classes are not just about grammar and vocabulary; they are immersive experiences. We ensure that each student is placed in the right group according to their language proficiency, providing an environment that's both comfortable and conducive to learning.
  • Blend of learning and fun: The essence of our junior programme lies in its unique blend of educational rigor and enjoyable activities. We strike a perfect balance, with 20 lessons per week in our Standard Course and 30 in our Intensive Course, ensuring students have ample time for both learning and leisure.
  • Fun leisure programme: We integrate exciting extracurricular activities into our programme, because we at Sprachcaffe believe that langauge learning really begins outside the classroom. Learn more about the Leisure Programme
  • Comfortable and culturally immersive accommodation: Our Club Village offers convenient on-site living with amenities like swimming pools and sports facilities, while Homestays provide a deep dive into Maltese culture and daily life, offering a unique perspective on the local lifestyle. Learn more on Accommodation options for Tennagers
  • Unmatched supervision and safety: The safety and well-being of our students are paramount. We provide round-the-clock supervision, ensuring a secure and nurturing environment at all times. Our experienced team ensures every student feels safe and supported, whether in class, during activities, or at their accommodation.

In summary, Sprachcaffe Malta's Junior Programme offers an unparalleled opportunity for young learners to grow, learn, and create unforgettable memories. Here, education transcends the traditional boundaries of the classroom, blending seamlessly with fun and adventure. Join us for a summer filled with new friendships, learning, and unforgettable experiences in the sun-kissed island of Malta!

Immersive English Camp for Teenagers on Malta

A Blend of Learning and Fun

Our junior programme is specially designed to blend the excitement of a holiday with the enriching experience of language learning. With our range of English classes, students can dive into the world of English, improving their skills while enjoying the beauty of Malta and the thrilling activities they can participate in outside of their English lessons.

We know how important it is to learn with peers at a similar level; that way, no one is left behind and everyone moves forward together. Students are grouped based on their language proficiency, ensuring a comfortable and supportive learning environment. Additionally, all students receive an end-of-course certificate to acknowledge their hard work and progress.

Standard English Course

A Perfect Balance

Our Standard Classes offer a harmonious mix of learning and leisure. With 20 lessons per week, each lasting 45 minutes, students have ample time to absorb new concepts while still enjoying their holidays. This course, running from 09:00 to 12:30, ensures a relaxed yet effective learning environment, focusing on all key language skills. Learn more about the English Standard Course

Intensive English Course

Fast-Track to Mastery

For those seeking a more rigorous academic experience, our Intensive Course is the ideal choice. It consists of 30 weekly lessons, extending the learning time to 22.5 hours per week. This course is tailored for rapid language development, with additional conversation lessons from 13:00 to 14:30, making it perfect for students preparing for exams or looking to quickly enhance their English proficiency. Learn more abot the English Intensive Course

Specialized Workshops for Special Interest

Our junior programme extends beyond conventional language courses, offering specialized workshops in areas such as Business English, Job Applications & Interviews, and Public Speaking. These workshops are designed to provide practical skills and enhance the overall competence of our students in real-world scenarios.

Engaging and Mindful Learning Approach

It is about people. At Sprachcaffe, we take great pride in our distinctive teaching approach that puts students at the heart of the learning process. Our innovative method merges hands-on, outdoor activities with minimal reliance on technology, so young learners have less distractions and more opportunities to practice English in real-life scenarios. Imagine absorbing new language skills in the sunny environment of Malta, where every conversation and interaction develops your English skills, self-assurance, and global perspective. Our philosophy promotes more personal communication, fostering direct engagement and reducing digital distractions. This approach is crafted to ensure students remain focused and fully immersed in their language development. Learn more about the Sprachcaffe Teaching Methodology.

A Unique Leisure Programme

At Sprachcaffe Malta, we believe learning English should be as much about community and fun as it is about education. Our junior programme is expertly designed to integrate exciting extracurricular activities, so our language students never experience a dull moment. By teaching our junior students not only English but also about Maltese culture, we create an English summer camp like no other.

Our dedicated team, including experienced leisure managers and our Director of Studies, are passionate about creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. They ensure each student feels part of a friendly community, with activities that encourage easy communication and enriching adventures.

From historic explorations to lively student parties in Paceville, our programme offers an array of activities to suit every interest. Whether it's participating in beach parties, enjoying karaoke nights, or embarking on exciting day trips, we ensure learning English is intertwined with unforgettable experiences and the joy of new friendships. Find out more about Sprachcaffe's legendary junior leisure programme.

At Sprachcaffe, we believe in holistic growth. Our English classes for young learners are more than just language classes; they are a combination of educational excellence and fun-filled activities. Under the constant, caring supervision of our dedicated teams, each day is an opportunity for growth, learning, and making lasting memories.

Expert Supervision

for Unmatched Safety and Enjoyment

Our expert group leaders are not just supervisors; they are mentors and friends, ensuring the safety and support of each participant. The camps provide a variety of activities, from sports to cultural explorations, and even exhilarating evening activities like parties and beach outings. The essence of our camps lies in making language learning not just educational but extraordinarily fun.

Tailored programs for diverse age groups: We understand that different age groups have unique needs and interests. That's why our programs are specially designed to cater to various age brackets, ensuring that each participant, from 14 to 21 years, receives the right balance of freedom, support, and guidance.

Round-the-clock supervision for peace of mind: Parents can rest easy knowing that our camps offer 24/7 supervision, maintaining a secure and nurturing environment at all times. From accommodation to excursions, our watchful eye ensures safety and security, making the camp a trusted space for learning and enjoyment.

Learn more about our enthusiastic and dedicated supervision team

Summer Camp for Young Learners

Spending your summer holidays at Sprachcaffe's English Camp in Malta is an extraordinary choice for teenagers looking for adventure and excitement. Imagine a summer filled with endless sunshine, relaxing by the large pool, beaches, and a myriad of activities that make every day a new discovery. Malta, with its stunning coastline and crystal-clear waters, offers the perfect playground for water sports, swimming, and exploration. Our English Summer Camp is designed to make the most of these summer days, where you can bask in the Mediterranean sun, meet friends from around the world, and enjoy lively evenings filled with fun and laughter.

While spring, Easter, and autumn breaks also have their unique appeal, the summer season in Malta is truly unparalleled. It's a time when the island comes alive with cultural festivals, outdoor concerts, and a bustling atmosphere that's infectious. At our camp near Paceville, you're not just spending a summer holiday; you're living a summer dream, packed with activities that cater to every interest and passion. Join us at Sprachcaffe in Malta for a summer that promises not just fun and excitement, but memories that will last a lifetime.

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Junior Programme Accommodations and Catering

At Sprachcaffe English language school Malta we offer two different accommodation options to enhance your experience: host families and the exclusive Club Village.

Club Village: On-Campus Living

The Club Village stands out with its convenient on-campus location. Located right next to the language school, our Sprachcaffe residence is nestled amoung striking limestone buildings that are both beautiful and quite typical for the Mediterranean island. This option not only offers the comfort of being close to your learning environment, but also includes access to swimming pools, a restaurant, and sports facilities. Choose from a range of room types, from cosy Comfort Apartments with twin rooms to more affordable Standard Apartments with 2-3 beds to a room, all designed to make your stay comfortable and convenient. You'll be staying with teens your own age, with whom you'll be on the same wavelength.

Homestays: A Cultural Immersion

Dive into the Maltese way of life with our Homestay option. Here, you'll stay with local families, gaining firsthand insight into the customs, habits, and culinary delights of Malta. It's an extension of your learning experience, where the warmth of our experienced hosts complements your language journey. Located on different parts of Malta, these homestays offer a unique opportunity to explore the less-traveled areas of Malta, providing a fuller, more authentic experience. For those traveling with friends, room sharing requests can be accommodated, subject to availability. Find out more about our homestay accommodation.

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Catering to Your Dietary Needs

We understand the importance of good food and cater to a variety of dietary requirements. Whether you have specific allergies or dietary preferences, our meal options are tailored to ensure you enjoy the local cuisine while maintaining your dietary needs. Typically, meals include breakfast, buffet dinner, and a cooked or packed lunch.

Important Supplementary Information

Please note that a key deposit may be required for your accommodation, which will be refunded upon departure. Additionally, for those wishing to stay with friends, it's essential to inform us in advance so we can make the necessary room arrangements.

Whether you choose the immersive homestay or the convenience of the Club Village, your accommodation in Malta will be more than just a place to stay. It's a crucial part of your learning adventure, combining comfort, culture, and a sense of community. Get ready for a memorable stay with Sprachcaffe Malta's Junior Programme!

Smooth Arrival and Transfer for Sprachcaffe Malta's Junior Program

Start your language study holiday in Malta with ease, thanks to Sprachcaffe's carefully organised arrival and transfer process, specially designed for our junior programme in St Julian's. As part of the U20 programme, the transfer service is included, ensuring a stress-free start to your adventure.

Welcoming airport pickup and comfortable transfers: Upon landing in Malta, you'll be warmly greeted at the airport and whisked away to your accommodation. This seamless transition requires only that you provide your full flight details at least four weeks before your course starts, allowing us to arrange everything perfectly.

Travel with new friends: The journey from the airport is more than just a transfer; it's your first taste of the vibrant student life at Sprachcaffe. You'll likely travel with fellow classmates, many meeting for the first time, creating a wonderful opportunity to begin forming friendships even before you reach your destination.

Convenient check-in and departure details: The accommodation is usually ready for you to move into in the afternoon, so you have enough time to settle in and relax. On the day of departure, you will vacate your room, bringing an enriching stay to an end. You will find detailed information about the transfer on departure at reception a few days before departure.

How your first day will look

Upon your arrival in Malta, a school representative will meet you at the airport and a transfer to your school or accommodation will be provided. Please remember to print all the required booking documents and have a photo ID ready for presentation. After a quick check-in to your apartment or host family, your assigned teamer will meet you and show your around the school. Since most arrivals happen on Sundays, students usually have enough time to enjoy a few hours by the pool followed by an evening meal.

Your language course will begin Monday morning. If you did our entry level test online prior to arrival, your teamer will inform you of your class at a meeting after breakfast. If you did not do the test online, you will do it at 09.00. You wiill then be assigned to an appropriate class and your teacher will use the first day to ensure your level of spoken and written levels are the same. If they are different, we will change your class and inform you of this. After lessons our teamers will show you the area around the school, shops, the beach and other amenities. On Monday evening you will also participate in a Welcome party where you can meet other Sprachcaffe students from all over the world.