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English classes in Malta

Enjoy your holidays with our program for young learners

Investing in your kids future is crucial and being able to speak English well is important for today's teenagers all over the world. This gives them a chance to broaden their horizons, opens educational and career opportunities and helps them gain important life skills while having a good time and making international friends. A supervised English language holiday in Malta is a great way to combine an unforgettable, fun holiday and an effective learning experience.

Studying in Malta is a great way to improve English skills and enjoy a fun atmosphere on a sunny, friendly, happy island. Young people from all over Europe and further afield come here every year to develop their speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. Sunshine, sea, great weather and a large native English-speaking population together with competitive prices make Malta a prime destination for English language studies for young people.

As part of our special English classes in Malta for young learners, our leisure coordinators offer a wide range of supervised activities. This programme is aimed at young people from 14 to 21 years of age. If you are over 18 and no longer wish to participate in a supervised programme, you are welcome to join our english language courses for adults.

Key benefits
  • Expand vocabulary and security in english grammar.
  • Practice speaking and listening in a fun and safe environment.
  • Develop social skills such as teamwork, communication, and leadership.
  • Improve confidence and self-esteem.
  • Increase cultural awareness.
  • Opportunity to meet and connect with other kids from around the world.
  • Strengthen problem-solving skills.
  • A lively community all year round, whether it be for the Easter, Summer or Autumn holidays.

Sprachcaffe Malta offers young learners effective, inexpensive classes and fun, residence-style accommodation. You will meet friendly young people from all over the world, explore your exciting new surroundings with them and enjoy the island's sun, beach, sea, history and attractions while learning English in a fun and motivational classroom environment. Young students share accommodation with other teenagers from different countries which helps to further develop their language skills as well as their appreciation for other cultures.

Students between 18 and 21 years of age will be able to enjoy the complete support of Sprachcaffe teamers while retaining their independence. Students under 18 have to follow all the rules of the U20 programme and accept the full supervision and control of the teachers and teamers at all times.

Summer Camp for Young Learners

Want to learn a new language and have the most exciting summer at the same time? Check out our Summer Camp for juniors in Malta. Studying in Malta is an excellent way to advance English abilities while taking in the fun and energy of a sunny, welcoming island. Every year, young people from all over Europe and beyond come here to develop their listening, reading, and speaking abilities. Due to its abundance of sunshine, gorgeous coastlines, pleasant climate, sizable native English-speaking population, and reasonable prices. Our team of leisure coordinators offers a wide variety of supervised activities as part of our specialized English classes in Malta designed for young learners. Malta is a top choice for young people seeking English language instruction.

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Services that make up our programme for Young Learners

At Sprachcaffe Malta we provide comprehensive English classes conducted with a maximum of 15 students per class where our experienced teachers will help young students to activate and improve their already-existing language skills in English using up-to-date materials provided for the duration of the course. Our Junior English classes in Malta are the perfect way to learn a language while exploring the beauty of this Mediterranean island. Our comprehensive programme offers classes, accommodation, activities and supervision tailored to the needs of young learners.

Our English classes provide a fun and engaging way to learn with experienced teachers and small class sizes.

Accommodation is carefully selected and includes host families, apartments and student residences. These are all located in areas with easy access to our language schools and other local amenities.

The activities programme is designed to ensure that our junior students make the most of their time in Malta.

Our experienced team of supervisors organise a variety of activities and excursions to the best places on the island.

Students were always invited to a welcome presentation on Sunday evening by our Team. On arrival, we show our activity board and welcome students to our U20 Student Whatsapp group if they wish to.

At the end of the english language experience, our students will have made amazing progress in their language skills and have a great set of memories of their time in Malta. Join us today and discover the beauty of the Mediterranean.

  • English classes with 20 lessons per week, 1 lesson = 45 minutes.
  • Groups of 12-15 students.
  • Educational material provided for use.
  • End-of-course certificate.
  • Full-board accommodation.
  • Supervision by trained group leaders.
  • Return airport transfers.
  • Accompanied tours: 1-week language course: 1 half-day excursion included; 2-week language course: 1 full-day and 2 half-day excursions; 3-week language course: 2 full-day and 3-half-day excursions
  • Activities: sports, swimming, culture, evening entertainment (such as welcome parties, beach activities, BBQ, cinema and bowling).

Prices of English Classes for Young Learners

Select your preffered English language course, duration and accommodation option and sign up.

Leisure, Activities and Excursions

Malta's endless summer is a wonderful time to learn English and enjoy the school holidays. Great weather, sea, sun and students from all over the world create an amazing, friendly and fun atmosphere at Sprachcaffe Malta. But also during the Easter and Autumn holidays, Malta offers an excellent climate to enjoy outdoor life, the Mediterranean Sea and many other experiences on the island.

After class, students can go swimming or shopping, play sports, visit a cultural or historical site, take part in an activity or just hang out by the large pool with new friends. In addition to the English lessons, the school in Malta offers a varied social programme for our teenage students. Our Activities Team organises activities such as horse riding, sports competitions, pool games, go-karting, bowling, cinema, shopping and the famous on-campus parties.

In the evenings, teens can enjoy the St. Julians/Paceville area under the friendly but strict supervision of Sprachcaffe Temares. With a wonderful climate, a mix of teenagers from all over Europe and a wealth of activities on offer, it is easy to see why St Julians is such a popular destination for young people. Exciting evening activities include beach and boat parties, karaoke and comedy nights and our famous international student parties.

Malta is a great island, rich in culture and history as well as natural attractions, so there is always an excellent choice of excursions and sightseeing. We offer professionally organised excursions every week where you can explore the majestic capital Valletta, the famous picturesque Blue Lagoon on the island of Comino, the entire island on the 'Malta Tour', excursions to Gozo or follow in the footsteps of famous films and TV series filmed in Malta.

One half-day excursion is included in the package for students taking a one-week course, two half-day and one full-day excursion are included in the package for students taking a two-week course and three half-day and two full-day excursions are included in the package for students taking a three-week course. Students may join excursions not included in the package at an additional cost.

Leisure staff can help students hire bikes, book sports facilities and advise on other special events and activities.

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How your first day will look like

Upon your arrival in Malta, a school representative will meet you at the airport and a transfer to your school or accommodation will be provided. Please remember to print all the required booking documents and have a photo ID ready for presentation. After a quick check-in to your apartment or host family, your assigned teamer will meet you and show your around the school. Since most arrivals happen on Sundays, students usually have enough time to enjoy a few hours by the pool followed by an evening meal.

Your language course will begin Monday morning. If you did our entry level test online prior to arrival, your teamer will inform you of your class at a meeting after breakfast. If you did not do the test online, you will do it at 09.00. You wiill then be assigned to an appropriate class and your teacher will use the first day to ensure your level of spoken and written levels are the same. If they are different, we will change your class and inform you of this. After lessons our teamers will show you the area around the school, shops, the beach and other amenities. On Monday evening you will also participate in a Welcome party where you can meet other Sprachcaffe students from all over the world.