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Youth Program โ€“ Junior language courses in Malta

Investing in your kids future is crucial and being able to speak English well is important for today's teenagers all over the world. This gives them a chance to broaden their horizons, opens educational and career opportunities and helps them gain important life skills while having a good time and making international friends. A supervised English language holiday in Malta is a great way to combine an unforgettable, fun holiday and an effective learning experience.

Studying in Malta is a great way to improve English skills and enjoy a fun atmosphere on a sunny, friendly, happy island. Young people from all over Europe and further afield come here every year to develop their speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. Sunshine, sea, great weather and a large native English-speaking population together with competitive prices make Malta a prime destination for English language studies for young people.

As part of our special language courses for juniors, our leisure coordinators offer a wide range of supervised leisure programmes.

Whether you choose our centre in Pembroke or in St. Paul's Bay, Sprachcaffe Malta offers young learners effective, inexpensive courses and fun, residence-style accommodation. You will meet friendly young people from all over the world, explore your exciting new surroundings with them and enjoy the island's sun, beach, sea, history and attractions while learning English in a fun and motivational classroom environment. Young students share accommodation with other teenagers from different countries which helps to further develop their language skills as well as their appreciation for other cultures.
Students between 18 and 21 years of age will be able to enjoy the complete support of Sprachcaffe teamers while retaining their independence. Students under 18 have to follow all the rules of the U20 programme and accept the full supervision and control of the teachers and teamers at all times.

Courses and Acommodation

At Sprachcaffe Malta we provide comprehensive English courses conducted with a maximum of 15 students per class where our experienced teachers will help young students to activate and improve their already-existing language skills in English using up-to-date materials provided for the duration of the course.

Our two centres in Pemboke and St. Paul's Bay are very different from each other. The Pembroke centre is very large and the U20 programme can accept about 300 students at any time. The school is next door to our complex which comprises accommodation, leisure and catering facilities so there is a lively campus atmosphere. The St. Paul's Bay centre is much smaller and can accept only about 180 students at any time, offering lessons in the mornings and the afternoons in our comfortable, fully-air-conditioned school, which is about a 15 minute walk from the residence. Class sizes are smaller and there is a more intimate atmosphere than in the buzzing Pembroke centre.

U20 Accommodation

The Sprachcaffe St. Julians residence is located on campus. Students are accommodated in 2-7-bedded rooms with shared bathrooms alongside our classrooms and apartments as well as eating and leisure facilities all in one location. Full board is always included in the U20 program.

The Sprachcaffe St. Paul's Bay residence is located about 15 minutes from the school on foot. Students are accommodated in 3-bedded rooms and have their meals in the residence. Please note that this residence is not used solely by Sprachcaffe. There may be other residents over 18 years of age in the residence but they will not be sharing accommodation with our students.

School information St. Julian's

School Package

  • Language course with 20 lessons per week, 1 lesson = 45 minutes.
  • Groups of 12-15 students.
  • Educational material provided for use.
  • End-of-course certificate.
  • Full-board accommodation.
  • Supervision by trained group leaders.
  • Return airport transfers.
  • Accompanied tours: 1-week language course: 1 half-day excursion included; 2-week language course: 1 full-day and 2 half-day excursions; 3-week language course: 2 full-day and 3-half-day excursions
  • Activities: sports, swimming, culture, evening entertainment (such as welcome parties, beach activities, BBQ, cinema and bowling).


  • Students have access to all the school's facilities including the pool, beach volleyball court, AV rooms, reception and laundrette. Public phones are available in and just outside the school.
  • Self-access facilities including DVDs to buy or borrow, a study room and Audio Visual room.


  • Distance to the school: The school and its accommodation are both on campus which is just a 10-minute walk from Paceville, Malta's entertainment centre. All our host families are within walking distance of the school.
  • Distance to a supermarket: 5-minute walk.
  • Distance to the beach: Sandy beaches are in the north of the island, about 30 minutes away by bus. There is also a small sandy beach 20 minutes from the scool on foot and numerous rocky beaches.


  • Basic cleaning is provided by Sprachcaffe once a week. Bed linen and towels are provided. Students are requested to bring their own beach towels.
  • Key deposit: โ‚ฌ50.
  • There is a variety of accommodation options to choose from including student apartments, school residence and host families.
  • Bistro, food and drinks: All U20 program students have full board. Those staying with host families have breakfast and dinner at home and lunch at the school while those staying at the school have all three daily meals there. Packed lunches are provided on half-day excursions. There is also our Sprachcaffe Lounge in the school - the ideal place for our students to meet for a drink or a snack. Food and drinks from the Lounge are not included in the U20 package price.


  • Age range: 14-21.
  • Average number of students: 250-300 students in summer (in the junior program).

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Summer in Malta is an amazing time for young people. Great weather, sea, sun and students from all over the world create an amazing, friendly and fun atmosphere in the school. After lessons, students can go swimming or shopping, play sports, go on a cultural or historical site visit, join an activity or just hang out with new friends.

In the evening, young people can enjoy the St. Julians/Paceville area under the friendly but strict supervision of Sprachcaffe teamers. With its wonderful climate, mix of teens from all over Europe and the wealth of different activities available, it's easy to understand why St. Julians is such a popular destination for young people.

In addition to English classes, the school in Malta offers a varied leisure program for our teenage students. Our leisure team has lots of activities for to offer, such as horse riding, go-karting, bowling and shopping.

During Easter and autumn holidays in our school in St. Julians students also have the option to participate in our Maths- or Football Camp after class (both 75 EUR/week).

Malta is a great island with a rich culture and history as well as natural attractions, so there is always a great choice of excursions and sight seeing opportunities. Apart from enjoying swimming pool activities, every week we offer professionally-organized excursions, during which you can explore the majestic capital of Valletta, the famous picturesque Blue Lagoon on the island of Comino, or the entire island on the "Malta Tour".

More on leisure activities and things to do in Malta


Students who book a one-week course have one half-day excursion included in the package, students who book a two-week course have two half-day and one full-day excursion included in the package while those who book a three-week course have three half-day and two full-day excursions included in the package price. Students can attend excursions that are not included in the package at an additional cost.

There is also an exciting activities program including beach and boat parties, karaoke and comedy nights and international student parties. Other activities, not included in the package price can include concerts, film nights, Maltese dinners and excursions to Gozo. The leisure staff can help students rent bicycles, book sports facilities and will gladly give advice on other special events and activities.

U20 program activities - 1 week sample










Test / Lessons





Free time / Comino cruise full-day (24โ‚ฌ)

Free time / Heart of Malta full-day tour


Orientation walk

Valletta Tour

Free time / Sandy beach (8.50โ‚ฌ)

Volleyball / Archery

Free time / crafts workshop

Free time / Comino cruise

Free time / Heart of Malta tour


Welcome party

Film night

Karaoke night

Boat Party (27โ‚ฌ)

Treasure hunt

Salsa dancing / Aqua aerobics

Film night

Please note: The above is only a sample of the weekly activities which are offered in any particular week. The actual activities offered will vary from week to week. On some days there may in fact be more than one activity offered at any given time. However, not all activities will be free and a surcharge will apply. All paid activities are non-compulsory and an alternative free activity will always be offered.

How your first day will look like

Upon your arrival in Malta, a school representative will meet you at the airport and a transfer to your school or accommodation will be provided. Please remember to print all the required booking documents and have a photo ID ready for presentation. After a quick check-in to your apartment or host family, your assigned teamer will meet you and show your around the school. Since most arrivals happen on Sundays, students usually have enough time to enjoy a few hours by the pool followed by an evening meal.

Your language course will begin Monday morning. If you did our entry level test online prior to arrival, your teamer will inform you of your class at a meeting after breakfast. If you did not do the test online, you will do it at 09.00. You wiill then be assigned to an appropriate class and your teacher will use the first day to ensure your level of spoken and written levels are the same. If they are different, we will change your class and inform you of this. After lessons our teamers will show you the area around the school, shops, the beach and other amenities. On Monday evening you will also participate in a Welcome party where you can meet other Sprachcaffe students from all over the world.