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Test your skills with Sprachcaffe Malta

Welcome to Sprachcaffe Malta's Practice Language Test

It’s always good to know your level of English before booking your course. Our FREE language test will help you to get an approximate result.

This test is not official but is here to give you an idea of your approximate level and may or may not indicate the level you would be placed at should you book a course. However, it should help you determine what aspects of the language are difficult or problematic for you and which ones you need to concentrate more on.  

The test has 80 questions, which are usually very short, so it will not take too much of your time.

There are also tests for languages offered in other Sprachcaffe destinations so you can test your abilities in those languages as well.  Choose the test you want by clicking on the links below.

If you book a course with us, you will be able to do an official online entry test prior to travelling or you can do the entry tet at the school on your first day of lessons.

Good luck!

LanguageNumber of questionsLink
English80 questionsStart the English test
Spanish72 questionsStart the Spanish test
German70 questionsStart the German test
Italian70 questionsStart the Italian test
French60 questionsStart the French test
Arabic58 questionsStart the Arabic test
100 questonsStart the Chinese test

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