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Things to do in Malta

Extracurricular Activities in Sprachcaffe's Junior Programme in Malta

At Sprachcaffe, we believe in complementing English Classes with an array of exciting extracurricular activities and a vibrant events. By immersing students at the Sprachcaffe Campus and in the rich culture and beauty of Malta, we create an environment that naturally encourages language practice and builds community spirit among all students.

We are privileged to have an outstanding leisure and community management team dedicated to crafting a dynamic, inclusive, and lively atmosphere that fosters genuine community spirit. This approach leads to enriching experiences that place participants at the heart of the action, facilitating effortless communication and greatly enhancing their lives.

Our dedicated leisure team and community managers are, of course, the heart of our youth programme alongside our Director of Studies. They're not only experienced but also passionate about creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. Their supervision ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all students.

Diverse Activities for Every Interest

Our weekly itinerary is packed with a variety of activities and excursions, ensuring that there's something for everyone. From exploring Malta's historic streets to enjoying the vibrant nightlife with our Sprachcaffe tutors, our programme is designed to make everyone an active part of the community. This varied mix of activities not only adds to the fun, but also enriches the overall educational experience.

Exciting day trips

The following excursions are already included in our language courses for students in Malta:

  • For a 2-week stay: 2 half-day excursions, 1 full-day excursion.
  • For a 3-week stay: 3 half-day excursions, 2 full-day excursions.

Also the evening program leaves nothing to be desired. Experience beach and boat parties, karaoke or comedy nights. At our legendary student parties you can really party with your new friends. The older ones among you will surely discover the pulsating nightlife on Malta's most popular disco mile Paceville, just a few minutes walk from the Sprachcaffe.

The Importance of a Balanced Approach to Learning

We understand that learning a language is more than just classroom instruction. It's about applying language skills in real-world situations. Our extracurricular activities provide a practical, hands-on approach to learning English, allowing students to converse in English in a relaxed and natural setting. Learn more about Sprachcaffe's approach to English learning.

Our leisure program at a glance

The table below serves as an example of a selection of interesting activities. More activities are offered in two or three week rotation, so that you will not get bored even during longer stays. Our team in St. Julian's will inform you about the exact current leisure activities during your language study trip.


Placement test & classes

Orientation tour

Volleyball tournament & welcome party



Malta Experience*: discover the most beautiful corners of Malta

Soccer & Karaoke



National Aquarium*

Movie night (at the cinema*)



Excursion to Golden Bay*

Theme night: for example, "Pimp my Teamer!"



Scavenger hunt in St. Julian's: find hidden treasures

Farewell party


Best of Malta Tour

*From a stay of 2 weeks the Best of Malta Tour is included!


Heart of Malta Island Tour

Games night

*Even more fun with the Intensive Leisure Fun Pack

With the ultimate Intensive Leasure Fun Pack you have the opportunity to participate in more excursions and activities, such as the day trip to Comino or the visit to the cinema. This package is offered at an additional cost of only 65 euros.

Safe and Supervised Fun

Safety is our top priority. Our experienced teamers provide supervision, ensuring that students have fun in a secure environment. This peace of mind allows students to fully immerse themselves in the activities and their language learning journey.

At Sprachcaffe Malta, we're committed to providing an enriching and enjoyable learning experience. Our extracurricular activities are more than just fun; they're an integral part of our approach to language learning. Join us and discover the perfect blend of education, adventure, and community in Malta!

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