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Our English Language Teaching Methodology

Welcome to a vibrant atmosphere where learning English is not just a routine task, but an exciting part of your day! Our school, with its 22 spacious classrooms, invites you into a world where learning a language is a journey rather than an obligation. Each class, accommodating 8 to 15 students, is a haven where you can learn English, interact, meet other students from all around the world, and be yourself. To ensure you're placed in the ideal learning group, we conduct a placement test to find your correct English level, matching you with a course that fits your needs perfectly. Embrace this excellent opportunity to learn English that combines student-centered teaching with a beautiful, inviting learning environment. But that's just the beginning of what we have in store for you!

Dynamic Teaching Methodology for Young Learners

When it comes to our younger English students, we believe in a teaching approach that goes beyond traditional methods. No more old-fashioned classes where the teacher is the center of attention, but modern classes focused on the students. Our English classes for juniors are all about sparking interest and making learning an adventure. Through games, interactive exercises, and group projects, our teachers create a lively environment that enhances not only your language skills but also your confidence and teamwork abilities.

We encourage curiosity and active participation, ensuring that every young mind finds its voice and uses English without fear to express authentic ideas and feelings. This teaching strategy proves particularly effective in group learning scenarios, where collaborative tasks lead to shared achievements, our language teaching methodology is reinforcing language skills amidst fun and camaraderie. Learn more about English courses for juniors ยป

Tailored Techniques for Adults

For our adult learners, we understand that the reasons for learning English can be diverse, ranging from personal interest to professional needs. That's why our language teaching strategies are adjusted to meet mature perspectives and goals. We integrate real-world scenarios into our lessons, enhancing communication skills that you can apply in everyday life or business situations.

In individual learning settings, the main advantage is undoubtedly the possibility of tailoring a teaching approach to suit the specific needs, learning pace, interests and strengths from our students. For those who prefer learning in groups, discussions, role-playing, and problem-solving tasks make lessons interactive and stimulating, allowing you to learn from peers while practicing the English Language in a supportive environment. Learn more about English courses for adults ยป

English Language Courses Offered

All courses apply Sprachcaffe language teaching strategies

English Standard Course

Discover the joy of learning in a friendly atmosphere with our English Standard Course. By attending just two lessons a day, you'll have enough time to explore and enjoy the local culture while improving your language skills. This course is perfect for those who seek a balance between a relaxed schedule and effective learning, all within a small, supportive group setting. Learn more ยป

Business English Course

Step up your professional game with our Business English Course. Tailored to the corporate world, this course helps you master the art of business communication in English, from presentations and meetings to negotiations and reports. Enhance your career prospects as you learn the language of global business, making you an invaluable asset to employers worldwide. Learn more ยป

Private Tuition in Malta

Experience personalized, private learning like never before with Private Tuition in Malta. Get undivided attention from a dedicated English teacher, customized lessons to suit your learning style, and progress at your own pace. This one-on-one approach ensures that all your language learning needs are addressed, providing a unique, tailored experience that's hard to match. Learn more ยป

English Intensive Course

Accelerate your English learning with our English Intensive Course, designed for quick and effective improvement. With four lessons each day, you dive deeper into the language, allowing for more practice and engagement. This course is ideal for students who wish for a fast-paced learning environment, giving them more room for progress in a shorter period. Learn more ยป

Exam Preparation Course

Achieve your academic goals with confidence through our Exam Preparation Course. We offer targeted training for major English exams like IELTS, TOEFL, and others, helping you to understand the exam structure, tackle practice tests, and apply effective strategies. Whether for study or work abroad, scoring high in these exams can open doors for you. Learn more ยป

English Course for Juniors (14-21 years):

Engage in an exciting English learning experice with our English Standard Course for Juniors. Designed for young learners aged 14 to 21, this course offers two fun-filled lessons per day, encouraging students to learn English effectively while leaving plenty of time for recreational activities. Studying in a small group with peers fosters a motivating and comfortable environment, making language learning an enjoyable part of your Malta adventure. Learn more ยป

Hear what our director of studies - David - has to say about our teaching methodology

The Magic of Language Trips

So, what makes a language trip to Malta so special? It's about immersing yourself in an English-speaking environment, where every interaction, from listening to locals to asking for directions, contributes to your language learning process. This practical use of English in real-life situations boosts your confidence and helps to cement your new knowledge in ways that classroom learning alone cannot achieve.

Moreover, the cultural exchanges, new friendships, and explorations you'll experience on your language trip will enrich your understanding of the world, making the English language a bridge to global citizenship. Whether you're exploring historical sites, soaking in the scenic beauty, or engaging in local events and festivities, you're learning more than just grammar and vocabulary - you're living the English language with the Sprachcaffe teaching strategies. Find out more about the community management, leisure programme and events during your visit to Malta with Sprachcaffe.

Outdoor Learning: A Breath of Fresh Air

Not to forget, our innovative approach extends to where you learn. Why limit yourself to indoor spaces when the skies are inviting? Our outdoor classrooms are an exhilarating alternative, combining fresh air and inspiring surroundings with education. This is a rarity, even on an island as blessed with good weather as Malta, and there are not many language schools that have spacious and inviting outdoor areas. Studies show that being in the open air can increase concentration, improve mood, and stimulate mental capacity. So, under the Maltese sun, watch your English skills grow!

Tech-Reduced Zone: Focus on Human Connection

In this digital age, we often forget the value of human connection. Our initiative encourages less screen time, promoting face-to-face interaction, and active engagement. This technology-free approach is designed to keep distractions aside so that students can be present in the moment and enjoy language learning to the fullest. It's about forming genuine connections, where language is the key to broader horizons.

Unlock Your Teaching Potential: Specialized Courses Await!

Discover the edge in professional development with our specialized training for language teachers, drawing on years of refined practice and expertise. These programs are a treasure trove of educational innovation, designed to empower educators like you with advanced teaching strategies and practical insights that have been honed over many successful years. By joining, you'll immerse yourself in a collaborative environment, exchange of ideas and inspiration with other teachers just like you, all while enhancing your skills and re-igniting your passion for teaching. This is more than a learning opportunity; it's your chance to be part of a community that shapes the future of education. Don't miss out on transforming your teaching journey with teaching strategies that have a proven track record of success! Learn more about our Teachers Training ยป

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