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English Intensive Courses in Malta

An Intensive Language Course at Sprachcaffe St. Julians is the ideal choice for those students who are ready to spend a bit more time to get quicker and more in-depth results in learning English.

If you wish to improve your level of English quickly, then look no further and book an intensive course at Sprachcaffe St. Julians. The additional lessons give one the opportunity to gain more practice in using the language while still having time for afternoon leisure activities.

Course details

The first four lessons of each day are the same as the Standard English Course and therefore focus on integrated skills work using our main course book, English File Third Edition.  The last two lessons of each day use no set course book and can vary in their focus but most common themes are listening & speaking and extension of areas covered in the morning lessons.

English File allows students to learn the language using real-life contexts with lively, interesting reading and listening texts, challenging activities and periodic evaluations so they can easily see and measure their progress.  Each level is designed to take 12 weeks to complete as during that time a student can cover the entire syllabus of the level and should then automatically advance to the following level as long as their attendance is 80% or above.  Students must purchase a course book on arrival at a cost of €26.  Students staying less than 4 weeks can return their book, in perfect condition, for a refund less a weekly usage fee of €6.50.

Intensive courses at a glance

Minimum duration: 1 week

Minimum age for adult courses: 18 years old

Levels:  Standard Course:  A0/Beginners, A1/Elementary, A2/Pre-Intermediate, B1/Intermediate, B2/Upper Intermediate, C1/Advanced.  Intensive Course:  I/Beginners, II/Elementary, III/Intermediate, IV/Advanced

Maximum number of learners per class: 10

Typical timetable: 09:00 - 10:30, 10:45 - 12:15 & 13:00 - 14:30

  • 6 lessons/4.5 hours per day
  • 30 lessons/22.5 hours per week
  • 5 days a week (Monday to Friday)
  • 1 lesson = 45 minute

Public holidays:  The school will be closed on the following public holidays: 19.03, 19.04, 01.05, 07.06, 15.08, 13.12 and from 23.12.2019 to 03.01.2020.  No lessons are given on these days and lessons, in general, are not made up.

Prices for Intensive courses in Malta

Duration1-8 weeks 9+ weeks
Prices per week €250€230

+ Registration fee: €60 

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