• Our vision is a world where languages bring people together

Sprachcaffe International Language Courses for Adults

Sprachcaffe International is an established and experienced chain of language schools. We have more than 30 years of experience in teaching foreign languages to adults and have a high level of teaching standards.

We welcome adult students of all ages, nationalities and language levels. You just need to choose the language, type of course and accommodation--we have 32 language schools worldwide to offer you!

Sprachcaffe offers you the possibility to learn some of the most popular and widely-spoken languages in the world - English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Italian, French and Arabic.

Whether you go to London, Malta, New York, Havana, Beijing, Los Angeles, Rabat, Frankfurt or any other Sprachcaffe destination, you can always be sure that Sprachcaffe schools will provide an unbeatable experience.

Language holidays are a great way for you to immerse yourself in the language and culture of your chosen destination, make new friends from all over the world, enjoy sightseeing and discover the way of life and traditions of the host country.

At Sprachcaffe, we believe that learning a foreign language is most effective in the country where it’s spoken. We focus on speaking and help you to start communicating in the new language quickly and comfortably.

In most of our schools we offer standard, intensive and business language courses as well as exam preparation, one-to-one lessons and other programs in several locations.

All Sprachcaffe schools, regardless of the destination, are centrally-located and close to important amenities and sights. You can choose from a variety of accommodation options to suit your budget and needs. You can choose between accommodation in a private residence, a host family, or a Sprachcaffe campus for some destinations.