English tenses

Learning English grammar requires learning the tenses of the language. As a result, you need to learn English's past, present, and future tenses. This will enable you to communicate more effectively in English in the future.

It is best to start with understanding the present tense if you are just beginning to learn English grammar. The other English tenses can then be explored.

A quick reference to the three tenses of English

English tenses in the timeline

Tips for learning the English tenses

You will progress more fast in learning English if you use the following advice for learning the tenses. Learning English grammar is always benefitted immensely by a strategic approach. You should therefore first take a look at the instructions issued below before constructing a learning strategy based on it.

Use visual aids
Visualizing the English tenses can be beneficial when learning them. Create your own tools to aid in your understanding of how the various English tenses work as you learn.

Listen to native English speakers
Determine which English tense was used when listening to native English speakers. For instance, native English speakers tend to use some tenses much more frequently than others. As you learn, you can then concentrate on the common English tenses.

Practice regularly
You should practice frequently to make sure that you can actually solidify the use of English tenses in your speech. It is best to use English as much as you can when speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This will help you get a little bit closer to your daily fluency goal.

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