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Youth Programme – U20 Malta

Investing in your kids' future is crucial and being able to speak English well is important for today's teenagers all over the world. This gives them a chance to broaden their horizons, opens educational and career opportunities and helps them gain important life skills while having a good time and making international friends. An English language holiday in Malta is a great way to combine an unforgettable, fun holiday and an effective learning experience.

Studying in Malta is a great way to improve English skills and enjoy a fun atmosphere on a sunny, friendly, happy island. Young people from all over Europe and further afield come here every year to develop their speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. Sunshine, sea, great weather and a large native English-speaking population together with competitive prices make Malta a prime destination for English language studies for young people. 

Whether you choose our centre in Pembroke or in St. Paul's Bay, Sprachcaffe Malta offers young learners effective, inexpensive courses and fun, residence-style accommodation.  You will meet friendly young people from all over the world, explore your exciting new surroundings with them and enjoy the island's sun, beach, sea, history and attractions while learning English in a fun and motivational classroom environment. Young students share accommodation with other teenagers from different countries which helps to further develop their language skills as well as their appreciation for other cultures. 

Students between 18 and 21 years of age will be able to enjoy the complete support of Sprachcaffe teamers while retaining their independence. Students under 18 have to follow all the rules of the U20 programme and accept the full supervision and control of the teachers and teamers at all times.

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