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Free time in Malta


Summer in Malta is an amazing time for young people. Great weather, sea, sun and students from all over the world create an amazing, friendly and fun atmosphere in the school. After lessons, students can go swimming or shopping, play sports, go on a cultural or historical site visit, join an activity or just hang out with new friends.

In the evening, young people can enjoy the St. Julians/Paceville area under the friendly but strict supervision of Sprachcaffe teamers. With its wonderful climate, mix of teens from all over Europe and the wealth of different activities available, it's easy to understand why St. Julians is such a popular destination for young people.

In addition to English classes, the school in Malta offers a varied leisure program for our teenage students. Our leisure team has lots of activities for to offer, such as horse riding, go-karting, bowling and shopping.

Malta is a great island with a rich culture and history as well as natural attractions, so there is always a great choice of excursions and sight seeing opportunities. Apart from enjoying swimming pool activities, every week we offer professionally-organized excursions, during which you can explore the majestic capital of Valletta, the famous picturesque Blue Lagoon on the island of Comino, or the entire island on the "Malta Tour".


Students who book a one-week course have one half-day excursion included in the package, students who book a two-week course have two half-day and one full-day excursion included in the package while those who book a three-week course have three half-day and two full-day excursions included in the package price.  Students can attend excursions that are not included in the package at an additional cost.

There is also an exciting activities program including beach and boat parties, karaoke and comedy nights  and international student parties. Other activities, not included in the package price can include concerts, film nights, Maltese dinners and excursions to Gozo. The leisure staff can help students rent bicycles, book sports facilities and will gladly give advice on other special events and activities.

U20 program activities - 1 week sample

MorningTest/LessonsLessonsLessonsLessonsLessonsFree time/Comino cruise full-day (€24)Free time/Heart of Malta full-day tour
AfternoonOriention walkValletta tourFree time/Sandy beach (€8.50)Volleyball/ArcheryFree time/crafts workshopFree time/Comino cruiseFree time/Heart of Malta tour
EveningWelcome partyFilm nightKaraoke nightBoat Party (€27)Treasure huntSalsa dancing/Aqua aerobicsFilm night

Please note: The above is only a sample of the weekly activities which are offered in any particular week. The actual activities offered will vary from week to week.  On some days there may in fact be more than one activity offered at any given time. However, not all activities will be free and a surcharge will apply. All paid activities are non-compulsory and an alternative free activity will always be offered.