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First day

Upon your arrival in Malta, a school representative will meet you at the airport and a transfer to your school or accommodation will be provided. Please remember to print all the required booking documents and have a photo ID ready for presentation.  After a quick check-in to your apartment or host family, your assigned teamer will meet you and show your around the school. Since most arrivals happen on Sundays, students usually have enough time to enjoy a few hours by the pool followed by an evening meal.

Your language course will begin Monday morning.  If you did our entry level test online prior to arrival, your teamer will inform you of your class at a meeting after breakfast.  If you did not do the test online, you will do it at 09.00.  You wiill then be assigned to an appropriate class and your teacher will use the first day to ensure your level of spoken and written levels are the same.  If they are different, we will change your class and inform you of this. After lessons our teamers will show you the area around the school, shops, the beach and other amenities.  On Monday evening you will also participate in a Welcome party where you can meet other Sprachcaffe students from all over the world.

You will also learn the rules that all U20 students have to follow:

Rules and Regulations: A U20 Teamer will read out and explain the "Rules and Regulations". The teamers also ensure that all students abide by these rules for everyone's safety and well-being.

Curfew: Students can go out until 23:00. The curfew does not apply to U20 events organised by the Sprachcaffe team, which can occasionally finish a bit later.

Smoking: Students in the U20 programme under the age of 18 are not allowed to smoke. Students who are 18 and older are not permitted to smoke in any enclosed area (accommodation, classrooms, restaurants, etc.) but can smoke in host family accommodation if the host family is informed and agrees to this.

Alcohol and drugs:
U20 students are not allowed to buy or drink alcohol. Drugs are strictly forbidden. Students found in possession of drugs will be sent home at their own expense.

Theft: Thefts are not tolerated. Sprachcaffe will file charges with the police in any case of burglary or theft, even for "small" items. Sprachcaffe cannot be held responsible for any loss of property.

Possession of weapons is not allowed. Weapons found in students' possession will be confiscated and the student may be sent home at their own expense.

Hitchhiking is not allowed for your own safety.

Students in host families and residences have to make their bed and make sure their rooms are clean and tidy at all times.

Noise: Students have to be quiet after 22:00 and stay in their rooms after 23:00 in both host families and residences.

Taking part in lessons, leisure activities, information meetings and all other organized activities is mandatory. Attendance at lessons and information meetings is mandatory for all U20 programme participants. Additionally, attendance at all organised activities is mandatory for all participants under 18 years of age.

Boys and girls are accommodated separately.

Mobile Phones: The use of mobile phones during classes and information meetings is not allowed.

Swimming: Swimming is allowed if students can swim, but is at the students' risk. Unless informed otherwise, it will be assumed that students are able to swim. We would like to highlight that swimming is not an organized activity and that Sprachcaffe cannot take responsibility for students while swimming.

Law: The laws of Malta have to be abided by and followed. Breaking any laws may result in being sent home at your own expense.

Sprachcaffe Languages Plus is only responsible for students while supervised during lessons and organised activities. Sprachcaffe is not responsible for students who choose to leave supervision or for accidents or injuries as a result of breaking laws or engaging in risky behaviour.

Adult students: Students who are 18 years and older do not have to follow the curfew or attend leisure activities. However, we expect that they attend lessons, behave respectfully and not break the law.

Repatriation: Should a student break the U20 rules or the laws of Malta, Sprachcaffe is entitled to send the student back home at their own expense.

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