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Sprachcaffe Teamers

Sprachcaffe's schools in Malta take caring for our young students very seriously. We carefully select our teamers who guide and watch over their students 24 hours a day.

Our trained and friendly teamers offer students in their care individual attention as each teamer is responsible for a maximum of 15 students. Teamers are 21 years old or older, have excellent English-speaking skills and are trained in areas like supervision, entertainment, problem-solving, First Aid and teamwork.

We choose our teamers not only for their experience and qualifications, but also their personality, creativity, initiative and sense of responsibility. Prior to the start of the U20 program all teamers go through training seminars held over 2-4 days. The candidates are continuously observed throughout the seminar and later in their practical work in the school. 

Teamers are available for our students 24 hours a day to supervise, assist and animate them. All excursions are supervised.

Know your teamers

  • T-Shirts: Our teamers always wear Sprachcaffe Teamer t-shirts and are therefore easily recognisable.
  • Dealing with Problems: The teamers are responsible for their students' well-being. They seek to deal with all problems or questions quickly and efficiently.
  • Language: Although most of our teamers are not native English speakers, they speak English at all times, both with students and with each other. This helps to promote the use of the language among students and to improve our students' English speaking skills.  As our teamers come from many different countries, however, most students will be able to find at least one teamer that can speak his/her language in an emergency.
  • Night Teamers and Pool Teamers. Sprachcaffe Malta provides additional supervision at night when a few extra teamers control students' behaviour. At the St. Julians school, there are also 'Pool Teamers' supervising the beautiful and popular school swimming pool area.